Random Musings

Feliz Dia de Los Muertos!

memegoinghomeEvery day is a celebration and reverence for the dead for me. I did not grow up with Dia de Los Muertos in my family, but certain deaths in my life made this part of my fabric.  El Dia de Los Muertos is a complex blend of culture, history and tradition. There is a nice article about it HERE.  It is a time to remember your loved ones so they do not experience the true death. There are three deaths – when the body ceases to function, the second death when the body decomposes, and the final death when there is no one left to remember them. Never let your loved ones die! Celebrate them! Celebrate death as though it is life!

This year the list of my loved ones has grown a little longer with the death of my step-brother Jeremy. He was far too young and far too good to pass at the tender age of 20. He will be forever in our hearts and never forgotten. I will also keep in my heart my grandmothers have Jane, Sandra, Millie, and Lola; grandfathers Merle, Paul, Alvin, and Jerry; friends who stepped out far too early and have been gone far too long, Mike and Tamara. I carry you with me everywhere, Tamara.

Make sure to set a place at the table for them. Love them and cherish them. Act as Witness to their lives. I will continue to act as a Witness through my words and art.

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