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Garden of Children

Kindergarten… Amber and gold colored bits of paper floating away on the wind… Guilty glances as I destroyed the evidence… My earliest memory of a boy professing his love for me happened in Kindergarten. Kindergarten translates into “children’s garden” or “garden of children.”  The word was coined by German educator Friedrich Frobel as a metaphorical… Continue reading Garden of Children

The Affair

When all you want is Tiramisu, but life is full of Sardines…

In having a conversation with my cousin, I told her it is time for me to move to a new state in the next couple of years. I think it is time to go where my people are. I have long told myself, I have no people. No one like me exists. I will find someone, and we will… Continue reading When all you want is Tiramisu, but life is full of Sardines…

The Affair

Girl with the Octopus Heart

I am the Girl with the Octopus Heart. Last seen cloaked in a filmy black shroud, I haven’t heard from my Little Ticker since it went into mourning. Heartbreak must be excruciating for the octopus who has three delicate hearts. Do they all break at the same time? Do they take turns with the stronger supporting the weaker? Maybe… Continue reading Girl with the Octopus Heart