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Childhood Easter…

HappyEasterMemeWhen I was a child, my mom helped me write a letter to the Easter Bunny. I wanted to know what it looked like where he lived and how he was able to color so many eggs for so many children. He replied telling me about his farm and his helpers. He included drawings and signed it at the bottom with a paw print. Although I tend to be a Halloween girl at heart, the magic of Easter is palpable for me. I absolutely cannot get enough of the movie Rise of the Guardians. Don’t get me started on the Yetis, but the magic of Easter Island with all the little Eggs running around is quite magical. It even inspired me to seek out and read the line of children’s books that launched the movie – Guardians of Childhood by William Joyce .


Being vegan, I steer clear of dying eggs, but I love the form and symbolism. These days I’m more into hatching than boiling, but I still love being creative and coloring egg-like objects. I take it one step further to craft my own. In Mexico, they have cascarónes, hollowed-out chicken eggs filled with confetti or small toys. I decided to make a paper mache version! I can decorate them any way I want, and they aren’t perishable. I load them with everything from Holi powder brought back from India to macabre little Halloween toys. (As I’ve mentioned in my Patreon photo diary, due to the bright colors and celebration of spring, I thought Holi very much like our Easter celebrations in the U.S.  Instead of dying eggs, we dyed ourselves!)

This time of year especially makes me yearn to be with my nieces. I’d love to help them plant jelly beans in the ground. I imagine their surprise upon returning the next day to see that the lollipops have bloomed!

What magic have planted in your own life and the lives of others?

Happy Easter!

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