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Daruma Doll Daydream

Floating through a Japanese market in Seattle with my good friend and fellow artist Alexandria Sandlin, I stumbled upon the little red roly poly men. This article was originally published for my online column Morbidly Adorable Mementos for a the now retired ezine, “Daruma Doll Daydream” is highly relevant to the Morbidly Adorable Tarot as the “World”… Continue reading Daruma Doll Daydream

India Dreaming - Holi 2016

Death on a Festive Tractor & Trailer

In India, they pulled beautifully painted trailers behind their trucks & tractors. Of course, the Grim Reaper hopped on to make it a little more Morbidly Adorable! 3 new posts on Patreon today! See bonus content for the “Eerie in India” paintings, the newest tarot painting 10 of Pentacles, and a sneak peek into the… Continue reading Death on a Festive Tractor & Trailer