Random Musings

Happy Dia de Sam-Hallow-Diwali-Muertos New Year!

memefourofwandsThis is a feeding frenzy of celebration for me this time of year! Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain! Happy Diwali! Feliz Dia de Los Muertos! Happy All Saints Day! Happy Celtic New Year! I it all! I wear all of my memories in a cloak fit for the Pumpkin Queen!

In grade school, one of my best friends was born on October 31st. Even in the 4th grade, a group of us would stay up all night in her basement watching horror movies until dawn, daring each other to run through the corn fields at night. Another best friend and I once skipped ballet to sit in the dark room next door and scare each other with urban legends of Bloody Mary. I watched for ghosts everywhere! I believe I was a month old when I watched (slept through) my first horror movie — The Exorcist if you must know!

Whatever you do today, enjoy the dark opulence of the season!

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