Random Musings

My Love Letter to October

mistybensoneverydayishalloweenDearest Opulent October,

How I have missed the long, golden light of your days as they rush to revive my dying shadow. I welcome the way your chilly embrace sends shivers through my ensorceled soul. I was born to love you with the smell of pumpkin on your breath and the feel of your fine cotton candy hair melting at my fingertips. Every year you leave me. Haunted. Melancholy. Satiated. Every year I know you’ll return, My Pet. I dare you to evict my contagious Halloween Dreams from your Sensuous, Heart-Shaped Skull. Welcome back to the Altar of Worship, My Ethereal Lover.

Ardently your most Devoted Disciples,
Misty & the Morbidly Adorables

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