The Tarot

Morbidly Adorable Tarot Card Reveals!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS — THURSDAY NOVEMBER 17TH! As some of you know, I left my manufacturing job last week to return to painting…wait for it… FULL TIME. My goal is to release a brand new painting for the Morbidly Adorable Tarot EVERY THURSDAY! It is a lot of pressure to commit to that, but I’m… Continue reading Morbidly Adorable Tarot Card Reveals!

Random Musings

Feliz Dia de Los Muertos…Dia Dos!

In continued celebration of the lives of our Beloveds, I leave you with this Skelly Family doing what some of us do best! Below is reprint of an interview I did for 5Qs with… back in 2012! Enjoy! **************************************************************** Welcome to another exciting week of art and culture here at Dead Deco.  To kick off… Continue reading Feliz Dia de Los Muertos…Dia Dos!