India Dreaming - Holi 2016

Glamping in the Thar Desert, India

I love camping. So much. In India, we spent a couple of days camping in the Thar Desert. In full disclosure, it was actually glamping! And yes, there were camels! #morbidlyadorable #art   Patreon Community 2.0:   I re-opened my Patreon Community last week! I’ve been organizing my personal travel photos from India (finally!),… Continue reading Glamping in the Thar Desert, India

Random Musings

Have a Morbidly Adorable Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Enjoy all things cozy and weird which includes the new Doctor Who Christmas Special! That definitely makes it one of the most wonderful times of the year for me! I will be on hiatus from posting a new #MorbidlyAdorableTarot Painting this Thursday while I finish up the “Eerie in India” project before the… Continue reading Have a Morbidly Adorable Christmas!