The Tarot

Countdown to new Tarot Card: 11 Days!

morbidlyadorabletarotfoolwebCountdown until the newest #MorbidlyAdorableTarot Card is Revealed: 11 Days! For now, enjoy The Fool!

Begin your journey with the Fool from the Morbidly Adorable Tarot! With all worldly possessions tied in a bundle, the lighthearted Fool embraces life with a naive and hopeful heart. The Fool’s cautious friend, Wart (short for Worry Wart), serves as a reminder to the Fool to exercise good judgment — a bit of a reality check. Wart’s missing eye is a reminder that the world is not always kind! On the other hand, the Fool’s Skelly dog faithfully accompanies and guards the eternal child on this journey! Enjoy a glimpse into this world!

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