The Tarot

Love Letter to Deviant Moon Tarot

Originally written on February 16, 2016…
This is my public Love Letter to the Deviant Moon Tarot Book that appeared in the Morbidly Adorable Mailbox yesterday. My Furiously Creative Friend, you are a Madman, a Graveyard Dancer, and the Artist who stole my heart when I met you with Paula of U.S. Games Systems, Inc. so many years ago. This slightly-unhinged (or would that be slightly-hinged?) boundary-pushing Tarot Deck is hands down my favorite deck of all time. I am so grateful to serve as a Witness to the amazing work in this book. I hope everyone gets to experience the 340 pages of goodness that I, Misty Benson of Morbidly Adorable, am currently devouring.
Thank you for sharing your creativity, You Divinely Haunted Messenger! May the Gatekeeper continue to watch over you and the Boogeyman stick to his side of the shadows.
With much Love and Awe,

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