India Dreaming - Holi 2016

Glamping in the Thar Desert, India

I love camping. So much. In India, we spent a couple of days camping in the Thar Desert. In full disclosure, it was actually glamping! And yes, there were camels! #morbidlyadorable #art
I re-opened my Patreon Community last week! I’ve been organizing my personal travel photos from India (finally!), and I’ve started posting them on Patreon. I originally created a Patreon account a few years ago, and I loved it! I closed it because I did not feel I was able to post as frequently as the Community deserved. Now that I’m doing art again full-time, I’m going to post early previews of tarot cards, more detailed stories, travel photos, etc. that I don’t share anywhere else. Check it out!

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