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NaNoWriMo Final Hours!


Today is the end of NaNoWriMo – National November Writing Month! The goal was to write 50,000 words in the month of November. I am at 48,824! I thought I’d post an update before I churn out my last 1176 words! I admit, there were days when I wrote half or even none of my daily goal of 1667 words i.e. Thanksgiving weekend! Then I had to pump out 5000 words to make up for it. It was worth it. Some of it is complete gibberish, but there are at least a couple of articles I’ll be able to polish up and post down the road as well as sections that will advance the book I’m writing. The goal was not to be perfect but to write! This is one of my goals already completed for my New Year! Well, in 1176 words that is!

I will be posting a new tarot painting tomorrow – 10 of Arrows (Swords). It is a very special and persona piece for me. My apologies for not posting it last Thursday. Since it was Thanksgiving, I visited with my family. I have not been to a family get-together in six years. I In the past, I worked or was on a night shift schedule. This year I wanted to make an effort to catch up with my family, and it’s the one time they all get together.

If you want more from me in between tarot postings, I post random stuff on Twitter. You’ll probably get hints of my politics and groups I support, but mostly it consists of funny stuff, my art, favorite quotes, and re-Tweets of things I like. https://twitter.com/gossamerfaery

For now, I’m off to write and finish up my painting! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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