The Tarot

Five of Cups – Morbidly Adorable Tarot


Here is the newest tarot painting – The Five of Cups! You may recognize her if you’ve been following me closely for the past few years on Facebook. Several years ago, I took a picture of my painting desk with all of my Works in Progress. Yes, she has been sitting unfinished for a few years now, but now that I’m back to painting full-time,  new paintings will be finished weekly!! Read more about her below, and stay tuned for next week’s new card!

The Five of Cups shows Stella Maris, or Sea Star, holding a ship in her hand. The ship has a devastating hole in the hull rendering it unseaworthy. While she has rescued the crew, she was not able to rescue the ship. There are also five glasses in the scene, presumably all of them held wine at one point in time. The rough waters have upset three of the five glasses. Though the ship is no longer seaworthy, and three glasses have lost their contents, there is an upside to this card. The crew is safe! There are still two glasses full of wine! The lighthouse behind Stella Maris is a warning in the dark allowing ships to navigate the rocky coastline. Though not every ship or every soul makes it through unscathed, life is still worth living to its fullest. By focusing on the negative, whether it is the loss of a job, poor health, or something that you regret, your outlook sets the course for your happiness or your misery. You can get past this.

The Five of Cups is essentially the “spilled milk” card. It’s telling you that there is “no use crying over spilled milk.” What’s done is done, and it’s time to clean it up, move on, or do something about it. It also asks you to examine whether you are a “glass half empty or glass half full” kind of person. Of course you are allowed to have feelings and emotions. Process them. Take some time to be upset or angry. Practice some self care, and then pick yourself back up. It’s time to set a new course!

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