The Tarot

3 of Arrows (Swords) from the Morbidly Adorable Tarot

threeofarrowswebHere is the newest Morbidly Adorable Tarot Card — Three of Arrows! I apologize for the delay in posting new tarot cards. I desperately want to adhere to posting on Thursdays, but I do not want to cut corners to get the paintings done. I will definitely try to get back to posting regularly on Thursdays. If that doesn’t happen, I will try to keep it to one new painting a week! For now, read more about the Three of Arrows below!
This is the card of truth. It usually deals with matters of the heart. Represented by a blue octopus, three arrows pierce the angel’s heart. A Fetch has appeared in this angel’s time of duress. A Fetch is a familiar who is born out of sorrow not only as a comfort, but also as a reminder to the angel that beauty is born out of grief. Not everyone has a Fetch, and in fact, they don’t always appear to the person with the greatest loss. Pain is relative, and each person’s Fetch is different. This pug/sea anemone/Cthulhu hybrid character of a Fetch is named Rue. He has appeared to protect her as her heart octopus heart keens. No matter how painful, this is the card where the truth comes out. Once you know the truth, you know where you stand.

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