The Tarot

Countdown to new Tarot Card: 4 Days!

morbidlyadorabletarotsunweb01Countdown until the newest Morbidly Adorable Card is Revealed: 4 Days! For now, enjoy The Sun!
The Sun is the 19th card of the Major Arcana. Two small children bask in the glory of the sun! Although the lion traditionally makes its appearance in the Strength card, I warned you that the Morbidly Adorable Tarot would not always stick to tradition! Not only does the lion make an appearance for its obvious physical attributes with its mane representing rays of sunshine, but its strength, power, wisdom, and ferocity only serve to bolster the power of the Sun. The Sun is one of the luckiest cards in the deck! Blessed is the person who gazes upon this scene! The power of this card lets you know that you are headed in the right direction.

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